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Why choose Borneo Ultimate Sports Adventure Tours?

In short,

1. BUSAT have the expertise and experiences  to do what we do as a tour operator. View Tour Directors Profile

2. BUSAT is a fully licensed tour company and operates as a legitimate inbound tour company in Sabah, Malaysia. Dont take our words for it, check with the local authority, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia or the Sabah Tourism Board. It is crucial that you deal only with registered company.

3. We keep our price lower, being a tour operator enables us to offer relatively cheaper.

At BUSAT, we are passionate about your adventure experience. Having been in the industry for over 10 years now, we pride ourselves on delivering the best tours in Borneo, from Rafting to Jungle trekking. BUSAT is an eco-friendly tour company, with the interests of local cultures, conservation and the environment at the heart of our business. We are dedicated to providing an excellent adventure tour for clients, sending our own guides and staff to ensure a second-to-none experience in Borneo that you won’t soon forget. For more info on BUSAT, check out the About Us page.



Discounts can be arranged depending on the size of a tour group. The more people in the group, the higher the discount price! Let us know if you wish to bring a number of people, and we will be sure to give you our best price.

Single-person supplements

As you will notice in our tour packages, we specify two or more persons per tour. This is to cover the costs of fuel, guides, lunch and entrance fee’s. Therefore, if a single traveller is looking to tour with us, a 50% supplement fee will be applied. This will be an added 50% of the cost of the tour, on top of the basic tour rate. This supplement can be waived if the client chooses to join another group embarking on the specific tour, although in this case, the client may have to be flexible about the tour date.

Payment methods, deadlines and cancellations:

What are the payment methods? We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal 0r Bank Transfer

I am paying by credit card through paypal payment gateway, is it safe? We process the credit/debit card online payment via paypal payment getaway, which means we do not hold any of your card information in anyway. So the real question is, how safe is Paypal? Check out details on Paypal Buyers Protection.

Paypal is not letting me pay via credit card for some reason stating the payment method/funding option is not available. Please let us know, as our request is denominated in Malaysian Ringgit(MYR).We will send out revised payment request denominated in your local currency, ie USD, EURO, GBP & etc.

In normal circumstances, the balance credited from your credit card will be denominated in your local currency which is equivalent to the MYR which we have requested. However sometimes, it seems that the bank thinks that card is to be credited in MYR is therefore this option is unavailable.  Please refer to more details here.

My bank has informed me that they do not make remittance in MYR currency. International Money Remittance facility enables you to make money transfers denominated in your local currency or major currency such as USD, GBP or EURO.

i.e – if the payment required an amount of  MYR200.00 (Malaysian Ringgit) to be sent in your local currency US Dollars.  The Bank Teller will need to calculate the exact equivalent amount of MYR 200.00 denominated in USD and the remittance fee in which will be charged to you in your currency.

Please refer the example payment remittance form: Natwest Bank .

Therefore, the remittance effective is not denominated in MYR, instead it is denominated in your local currency , the bank will need to know the amount you want to transfer in MYR so that they can calculate what the exact equivalent of that in your local currency.

Example Summary:-

Currency to be sent (from your account/your payment to the bank): 127.796 USD *will be calculated based on your local bank exchange rate

Currency of account to be debited (BUSAT): MYR 400.00

When do I need to pay for the bookings? Payment must be made within 14 days before the tour date/no later than deadline given.

What if I cancel my bookings within 24 hours before tour commencement  or I forgot to show up? In the events of NO SHOW or cancellation within 24 hours, no refund will be made as the tour has incurred charges and will be considered used.

Please find our cancellation policy below:-

Day Trips (Tour without accommodation)
* Between 7 days to 2 days prior to departure                  –           50%
* 24 hours prior to departure                                                 –           100%

Overnight Trips (Tour with accommodation except Mt. Kinabalu Tour)
* Between 14 days to 7 days prior to departure                  –           50%
* 6 days prior to departure                                                     –           100%

Mt Kinabalu Tour (Tour with accommodation)
* Between  30 day and more prior to departure                  –           50%
* 30 days prior to departure                                                     –           100%

What information is required to place a booking?

– Full Names of participant, IC/Passport Number of all participants , Contact Number & Hotel/Accommodation address (For Pick Up & Drop Off)

If you have any other questions about BUSAT’s terms and conditions, check out our Terms and Conditions page, or feel free to contact us at

General FAQ’s:

Is it easy to get around in Borneo?

There are taxi cabs and buses available in Kota Kinabalu which are relatively cheap. BUSAT also offer transfer/charter buses and vans at very reasonable rates. Our friends at GG Sabah offer motorbike rental for those who like to travel solo.

What type of food do we eat?

When touring with Borneo Ultimate Sports Adventure Tours, food included in the package will be provided either by a local restaurant, or we will provide picnic lunches in more remote areas. These will typically consist of sandwiches, juice,  snacks, fruits and cakes. There will be opportunities on many of our tours to try local delicacies in markets or villages en-route.

What kind of accommodation can I expect?

In Kota Kinabalu, there are hostels and hotels to suit every taste and budget, from backpackers beds to luxury resorts. When touring with BUSAT, accommodation ranges from shared sleeping areas in longhouses, to private rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Just check the individual tour for further information on the type of accommodation provided. *It is recommended that you check BUSAT packages before booking hotels in Kota Kinabalu, as on many trips, accommodation will be provided by us.*

What is the Culture like in Borneo?

Borneo is a diverse Island, home to multi-ethnic, multi-cultural communities. The official religion is Islam, although Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism are also widely practised. In Sabah, religious and cultural differences are valued, and Sabah Tourism encourages travellers of all backgrounds to come and visit. There are plenty of things to do and see for those who love a taste of local culture- such as visiting the Rungus Longhouse, the Sabah Museum or the Monsopiad Cultural village.

Is Borneo safe for travellers?

Travelling in Borneo is generally very safe. Violent crime against foreigners is rare, while petty crime is uncommon, though travellers should remain aware at all times and take safety precautions such as leaving precious items in hotel safe boxes. Like anywhere, tourists should exercise caution when travelling at night and should never wander around alone after dark.

When is Borneo’s rainy season?

The raining season in Borneo begins in November and lasts until January; however, sporadic rain showers can happen throughout the year, while there may be dry spells at times throughout the raining season. These rainy spells rarely interfere with our tours.

What should I bring?

Although each tour is different, for all of our tours and for general use in Kota Kinabalu, comfortable clothing, sunscreen and insect repellent are highly advised. For more information on what to bring, check out the tour package you’re interested in, then scroll down to the “Things to Bring” section.

Other Important Information:

Mountain Climb Packages: for our 3D2N Mountain Tour, advance booking can only be made six months before the tour date or less. This is due to the policies of the Mountain accommodation. For the 2D1N tour, booking can only be made one month before or less. Again, this is due to the Mountain accommodation policies, and is out with the control of BUSAT. Once the tour is confirmed, the client must pay BUSAT within five days of confirmation, otherwise the Mountain accommodation will make the space available for another customer.

More inquires? Contact Us.

Adventure Company Director Profile

Ahmadul Tahir: Best Specialized Tour Guide in Sabah during the Sabah Tourism Awards 2007/2008

Career Highlights Eco Challenge in Sabah (Sabah, Malaysia)-Team Captain Sabah-6th Place 2000 | Eco Challenge New Zealand (New Zealand) | 2001 National Geographic Action Asia Challenge 2002 | Mild Seven Outdoor Quest (Sabah, Malaysia) 2004

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