Borneo Team Building

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Tour : Kiulu River & Raft Adventure

Stage 1 : Trail Run & River Swim (2.5KM)

After refreshments and safety briefing, the first team challenge of the day will begin. Each team will race on a short uphill dirt trail toward a small cultivated area where BUSAT guide will be waiting. Collect life jackets from BUSAT guide, ensure they are properly fitted and securely fastened on eachteam member, and proceed to swim across the river to the other side, the ending point for Stage 1. Here, you will find equipment need for Stage 2.

Stage 2 : Borneo Rafting ( 3KM)

Each team will take 1 raft and proceed to river raft from Suspension Bridge 1 to Suspension Bridge 3 along the Kiulu River. Each team will be accompanied by an experienced rafting guide. Upon reaching Suspension Bridge 3, team members will disembark and prepare for Stage 3.

Stage 3 : Village of Adventure

After a short break for refreshments, each team will jump in the river and swim alongside the rafts (with BUSAT guide paddling). Alternatively, teammembers may enter the raft and assist the paddling. Upon reaching Suspension Bridge 7 opposite Kg.Ranap Asrama Perempuan on the right hand side of the riverbank, team members will climb onto dry land and immediately begin the nature treasure hunt, which involves collecting 5 different species of edible leaves, namely : !) Daun Mangga 2) Daun Tarap 3) Daun Jambu 4) Daun Nangka 5) Daun Rambutan. Collect all five leaves at a nearby plantation area then continue t raft down the Kiulu River towards Suspension Bridge 8 which is the finishing point for Stage 3.

Stage 4: Team Endeavors

Round 1 : Mamarampanau (50m)

2 members of each team must walk on bamboo stilts for approximately 50m (demo will be shown). The other team members may help by supporting the bamboo stilts. Swapping of team members (same team) are allowed for this round.

Round 2 : Tubing (1KM)

All team members must participate in assembling tubes according to numbers/colours using a provided rope. The first team to assemble securely the tube may immediately take it to the riverbank & start tubing down the river to the finishing point at KREP (Kiulu Rafting Ending Point).

Tour : Kayak Challenge, Island Escape & Survival Skills

Stage 1 : Kayak Challenge – Tanjung Aru to Mamutik Island

Each team will be briefed and given refreshments at Tanjung Aru. Here, you will also receive lifejackets, paddles and kayaks to begin the kayaking challenge to reach Mamutik Island (2 peoples in each kayak). The kayaking to Mamutik will take approximately 45minus. The first team to have all members on Mamutik Island wins this round.

Stage 2 : Island Treasure Hunt

Once you reach the island, assemble on the beach until each team member has completed stage 1. Then, our guide will introduce the Island Treasure Hunt. You will be given a few essentials (a map, a compass, a treasure map) and with these you must collect selected items hidden around the island. This will require communication and plenty of team work. The team to collect all the items in the fastest time wins this round. Once this task has been completed, we move on to stage 3.

Stage 3 : Survival Skills

Using items uncovered at stage 2, each group will be required to prepare an “Island Feast”, including rice, meat/fish and veggies. Teams must create this feast from scratch, building a fire, barbecuing on bamboo, and without the aid of modern equipment. The first team to create an entire (edible) meal wins this round.

Stage 4 : Save the eels!

The object of Stage 4 is to give our tank of friendly eels a new home! Each team member (no exceptions!) must take an eel from the water tank, and transfer it by hand a short distance to another water tank. Then, the team member tags the next person to continue until the tour guide indicates Time Up. The team who transfers the most slippery eels are the winners!

Stage 5 : Jungle Fashion Show

Finally, each team must present a “jungle fashion show” using banana leaves, coconut shells and other jungle materials. The more creative and stylish the outfits, the better!