PADI Diving Course Kota Kinabalu

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“My experience gaining the PADI Open Water qualification in Sabah with BUSAT was fun, thrilling and enlightening. Our diving instructor spent two days helping us to get to grips with SCUBA diving theory, so we were well prepared for our exam. Once we got out into the blue ocean waters around T.A.R.P, the real fun began. On our first dive, we saw two giant turtles! It was sublime. We then practised basic SCUBA techniques, explored the waters and admired the colourful corals, which were home to sea urchins, star fish, clown fish, lobsters, sea anenomes and many others. I will use the knowledge gained here in Sabah as I travel to other dive sites in the future, and I will certainly never forget the wonderful experience and the fun I had with the diving instructer and my fellow divers. Thanks for everything!” – Alison deBoer

For the last 3 weeks, we have been busy getting stuck into diving in Borneo. We’ve decided to organise a Padi Open Water Diver course for our BUSAT Team.

Location: Kota Kinabalu Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Islands

Duration: 3 days

Number of lucky BUSAT team staff: 3

No of dive: 4

Day 1

We had to go through the theory part of things first, which was kind of agonising since we were itching to get our hands dirty already. Having said that, the theory exam wasn’t too difficult, given our dive instructor was “he who knows everything to do with diving”.

Day 2

Thank god we all passed the theory part.Now that we are all equipped with sufficient knowledge of open water SCUBA diving, its the exciting part of the course!

trainscuba We had to do the confined water dive first, which normally takes place in the comfort of a cozy swimming pool. But not for us, since we’re are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful islands with clear water, we get to do  our confined water session in a designated area close to the beach, which is really a pre-open water dive.There was already school of fishes swimming pass us, the coral reef was visibly not too distant from us.

The first dive was too familiarize us with all the fancy gadget and how correctly operate then underwater. Then we get to practice taking them off and putting them back on again underwater. It was more to build up confidence  underwater rather than anything too technical.

It was fun trying to communicate with your buddy underwater when you can’t talk to each other underwater. We were up to all sorts of secret sign language which the instructor wasn’t too impressed about.

2nd Dive

readyscubaSince we were so good( even if we say so ourself) at our confined dive session, the instructor decided that we are ready for our first Open Water dive. We got to do a boat dive, which effectively means, get on the boat and jump out of the boat when you get to the targeted area. Not literally jumping out of course, we get to the fancy rolling backwards “I feel like a secret agent on duty” style out of the boat maneuver.

Please be warn ,once you’ve done this, there will be a high chance that you will develop a kind of addiction, like us, we are officially suffering from what we call “severe diving deficiency syndrome” .

Day 2

Today we did 2 boat dive, went down to 18 meters which is the limit for beginners. There was only one regret, which was why didn’t we have done this earlier!

Since the certification,  did 2 open water dive in Mantanani Island and will be diving at Sipadan by the end of this month!


We get to do the outdoor confined water dive near the beach on the TARP Islands. No swimming pools!

The course was all inclusive, all that was needed is swim suites for underneath the wet suites and lots of sun screen lotion. Not to forget the enthusiasm for adventurousness!

Dive Master & Dive Instructor profile: Mr Ahmad Ibrahim with over 20 years experience. Authorised PADI instructor no: MSDT#60716

PADI Open Water Dive course : RM1,200 Per Person

This course will teach you the fundamentals of scuba diving, including dive equipment and techniques.

You’ll complete the theory section via study sessions and will participate in four open water dives. As long as you are in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water, you can earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification.

During your time in the open water, you will be asked to demonstrate the ability to swim 200 metres/yards and tread water for about 10 minutes, just to determine that you are comfortable and can carry yourself in the water.

We ensure our clients get the very best service and attention from the instructor through our small group tutorials and dives. Safety is paramount, we adhere to PADI standards and procedures.

Children between the ages of 10-12 can acheive a Junior Open Water PADI certification with the same training as the Open Water PADI, which allows them to dive to a depth of 12metres with a certified adult.

Course Objectives:

During the course, we aim to promote an understanding of complex underwater ecosystems, a respect for underwater environments, and an understanding of SCUBA Dive safety rules.

We aim to apply the fundamental knowledge of underwater environments and how they affect our bodies, medical aspects of SCUBA diving, and how to be a safe and responsible SCUBA diver throughout the course.

We will equip the student with all the appropriate knowledge regarding SCUBA gear and underwater equipment.


Your progress throughout the course is assessed using Knowledge Reviews, Quizzes and a Final Exam with a minimum score of 75%. SCUBA diving skills and other under water techniques are assessed by student demonstration of proficiency and competency in water.


This is a 3 day course, based on participants individual performance and ability to meet the course objectives.

Day 1 : Complete the PADI knowledge assesments and, if ready, proceed to complete the exam (can be completed on day 3 after open water dive at student request).

Day 2 : At 8.30am, meet at Jesselton Point and head out to T.A.R.P Islands where your open water training will begin. Complete 2 SCUBA dives and display adequate understanding of SCUBA techniques and skills. Includes lunch and refreshment at the beach cafe.

Day  3: Meet again at 8.30am to proceed with further SCUBA training. At this stage, you are expected to grasp all the SCUBA Dive open water concepts, and will be expected to assemble your SCUBA gear without assistence. Two more open water dives will take place around the islands. Lunch will be enjoyed again at the beach cafe. You will then have completed your training!

Price : RM1,200 Per Person

Includes : English-speaking instructor, boat transfers, meals as stated, equipment, PADI Open Water Diver Manual, DVD, Recreational Dive Planner, Training Log Book, certificate and PADI Open Water Divers card.

Things to Bring : Swimsuit, sunblock, towel, dry clothes, hat, sunglasses.

Requirements: Potential students must be able to swim 200m and tread water/ float for 10 minutes and be in good health

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