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When our group stepped off the boat and onto the wooden walkway that leads to Sipadan-Mabul Resort, we felt like we had landed in paradise. Below the walkway, shimmering brightly coloured fish darted through the turquoise-tinted water and ahead of us lay the glowing beach, dotted with palm trees. Beyond the shore and the trees stood the Sipadan – Mabul resort, a wooden, open air building crafted in traditional Malaysian style, where smiling staff waited to welcome us. They provided us with refreshments before introducing our two dive masters. Then the excitement really began…

Day 1 :  After the safety briefing, we checked in to our respective chalets. These were clean, comfortable, and best of all they were equipped with hot showers. We then met with our guides at the jetty; they were enthusiastic, professional and  fun and we knew the dives were going to be awesome. After gearing up and doing our buddy checks, we hit the water at “Paradise 1 & 2”. We saw lion fish, groupers, clown fish, angel fish and a giant clam. Luckily, one member of our group brought a camera with an underwater case, so we did a lot of posing with the sea-creatures and dive masters.  The instructors wrote down the different species on a little white board and lead us to areas teaming with fish and brightly-coloured corals. We then made our way back to the resort, just in time for a sumptuous buffet dinner of soup, local delicacies and Malay puddings.

Day 2: Today we got up at 4.45am. After helping ourselves to some much-needed coffee at the lodge, we got our gear together and met our guides for our Sipadan Dive adventure. We were psyched. The waters around Sipadan are 500metres deep, so we kept close to our buddies and guides for this one! The non-divers in our group also joined for some snorkeling in the pristine waters. We did four dives at locations around Sipadan island- “Barracuda Point”, “South Point” and “Mid-Reef” – breaking in between to rest and enjoy food and refreshments.

Let me tell you, the diving was out of this world.

As soon as we descended on the first dive, we were surrounded by fantastic sea creatures, including bump-head parrot fish and a school of barracuda. After a few minutes, we came across a green turtle relaxing among the vibrantly coloured corals, accompanied by little sucker-fish cleaning her shell. We looked up and were astounded to see three more huge green turtles swimming right above our heads, with the sun shining down on them and creating silhouettes as they made their way to the surface.

At the next dive spot, we observed a handsome reef shark lazing on a sandy area. The shark seemed to be observing us, too, as his eyes followed our movements until we swam away.  Later, we were also lucky enough to see a school of jack fish. We joined them and soon found ourselves completely encircled, at the center of a jack fish toranado! Being in the midst of these glittering fish in their hundreds was an experience like no other, and one I will not soon forget. The non-divers also had a wonderful time, observing the turtles and diverse life among the corals as they snorkeled with the resort guides. Later, we headed back to the lodge where we had another fantastic buffet meal,  including freshly barbecued beef satay, king prawns and chicken wings.

Day 3: After wolfing down a hearty breakfast of toast, fried eggs, beans and beef bacon, we proceeded to dive around Kapalai island at 8.30am, with a second dive at 11.00am. We went to a small shipwreck at Mandarin Valley which, over time, had evolved into a reef and was home to thousands of different fishes and sea creatures. There were large grouper fish hanging out on the ocean floor that were almost the same size as me! We went back to the lodge for lunch and free time. Some of our group signed up to do the “Intro to Night Dive” course at 6.30pm, to see the nocturnal underwater life. They saw squid, sea-urchins, lion fish and many others as they explored the dark depths with torches. As for me, I hit the outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, which had a convenient “Sunset Bar” by the poolside. The kids in our group had a great time splashing, jumping and playing while some of the ladies enjoyed a traditional massage. We then headed to the open-air lodge to meet the night divers and enjoy dinner together. We also ordered some wine to celebrate our great weekend at Sipadan and stayed in the lodge chatting and laughing until midnight.

Day 4: We are checking out and heading back to Semporna. Said goodbye to our cool dive masters and to all the awesome staff at the resort that made our trip so unforgettable. Already planning our next trip to Sipadan-Mabul Resort!

If you want to take part in an awesome Island retreat – diving, snorkeling or simply relaxing with SMART – check out the price list below and contact us for inquiries/bookings.

Please Note:

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices include basic accommodation, meals and return transfers between Tawau – Semporna Jetty – Sipadan Mabul Resort. Diver price includes 3 dives per day, air, weights and weight belts. All other diving and snorkeling gear can be rented at the resort and is subject to additional charge. Further information on terms and conditions can be found at SMART Website.

*** From 01 April 2010 to 31 March 2011 ***

Days / Nights Price Per Diver (Twin Share) Price Per Non-Diver (Twin Share)
2 days / 1 night US$ 649.00 US$ 431.00
3 days / 2 nights US$ 762.00 US$ 503.00
4 days / 3 nights US$ 874.00 US$ 579.00
5 days / 4 nights US$ 985.00 US$ 655.00
Extra day / night US$ 170.00 US$ 150.00