Cultural & River Cruise Day Trip

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Headhunters, monkeys, spirit-worshipers, fireflies, rivers and skulls; if this is what you came to Borneo for, don’t miss the Monsopiad Cultural Village and Klias River Cruise!

Monsopiad Cultural Village :

Monsopiad Cultural Village is based on the Legend of Monsopiad, a renowned warrior and headhunter of the Kadazandusun people. The existing house in which the skulls are kept is more popularly known as the “House of Skull”, a prominent tourist attraction since 1979. Once you step into the village, you are transported back to a time when headhunters and spirit worshippers roamed the land. The village keeps the culture, beliefs and traditions alive as it is run by Monsopiad’s direct descendants; their stories will leave a chill down your spine. This tour is a must if you wish to learn more about Sabah’s rich and exciting history.

Klias River Cruise

Proboscis Monkey Wetland Tour gives us an opportunity to

 witness the unique monkey species of primates that is found exclusively on the Island Of Borneo. It is one of Nature’s charming jokes, a leaf-eating primate whose prominent nose and “sun burnt” appearance inspired the local name “Monyet Belanda” or “Dutch Monkey”.

The river cruise offers you the opportunity to explore the riverine habitat as you cruise through the Klias on a comfortable fibreglass boat in search of wildlife such as the Proboscis monkey, the Leaf monkey and the Kingfisher amongst others.

After lunch, we will proceed less than 2 hours overland to the southern part of Sabah. Light refreshments are provided before beginning the 2hr long river cruise. As you sail through the Klias, Proboscis Monkeys can be spotted on the surrounding trees feeding. Macaque Monkeys can also be observed, as well as the rare silver languor, water buffalo and a variety of birds. You may also witness the breathtaking sunset and thousands of fireflies twinkling amongst the mangrove trees like fairy lights in midsummer while cruising back to the River Lodge.

Upon reaching the Jetty, a sumptuous Malay Traditional dinner will be served. After dinner,   we will return to Kota Kinabalu city center or drop you off at your hotel. Probiscous MonkeyThe river cruise is an exciting and enlightening experience for explorers of all ages.

Price Per Person:

Adult: MYR350.00 (Min 2 Adult) Child: MYR280.00


Transfer, entrance fee, lunch, river cruise, tea break and dinner and guide

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