Rafflesia & Waterfall Trek

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Tambunan Rafflesia Trek is perfect for those looking to experience the wondrous tropical jungles and wildlife that Borneo has to offer, and is an opportunity not to be missed for budding explorers.

(Day Trip)

Tambunan Rafflesia is inspired by the fantastic flower which is known as the Rafflesia. The Rafflesia is found only in certain remote areas of South East Asia, and is the state flower of Sabah. The most interesting thing about the Rafflesia is that it takes 9 months to bloom, becoming larger and larger, before finally opening its majestic petals for a period of only 7 days.

Mahua Waterfall is located in Tambunan. It takes  around a 20min hike on a single trek to reach the waterfall. After trekking through the tropical forest, you will have the opportunity to witness  the wondrous beauty of  nature in the waterfalls and surrounding wildlife. Take the time to listen to the sounds of the waterfall and the songs of tropical birds. Mahua Waterfall reveals a spectacular paradise on earth that is beyond comparison.


Your journey will bring you across the Crocker Range at 5,000ft above sea level, through terraced rice fields and villages. The population is made up of many different communities of which the Kadazan Dusun is the largest. On arrival, we will visit the Rafflesia Conservation Center where the largest concentrations of Rafflesia buds can be seen, in the interest of conserving this very rare parasitic plant. If you are in luck, a trek in the rainforest will reveal a  live flower in bloom on the forest floor.

Next, we will enjoy lunch at the local restaurant before proceeding to visit the Mahua Waterfall. Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to take a swim in the cool, crystal clear water, or hike on the single trek to explore deeper into the tertiary jungle and spot tropical birds and exotic plants. Lastly,  we will drive you back to Kota Kinabalu city center.

Price:MYR350.00 per person (Min 2 persons)